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Thursday, 25 September 2014

Blackberry Launching Blackberry Passport in India Soon, Check specifications here

The forgotten hero of the Smartphone arena, Blackberry is going to unveil its first in class attempt of launching the new shapes Smartphone that is truly unbelievable in size and variant for sure. Blackberry’s new phone Blackberry Passport is coming in India later this week probably.

Lets come and have look on this new passport sized, passport looked Blackberry’s new finding.

Blackberry Passport Smartphone, check all specifications here

Blackberry passport looks like a rectangular passport when it’s not in use. Though Blackberry is calling this phone Blackberry passport, they did not reveal its name and model number yet.

Network: Blackberry passport can be equipped with 2G, 3G and 4G network also. It can detect data goings of EDGE, LTE and HSPA also.

SIM: Blackberry Passport will be activated with nano SIM only.

Display: This new Blackberry is made of 4.5 inch IPS LCD capacitive touch screen with 453 pixel densities and protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 3. Multi touch feature is awesome as the user will be able to run it with up to 10 finger multi touch experience.

Connectivity: Blackberry’s Passport has gotten the entire passport to on connectivity features that includes Bluetooth version 4, Wi-Fi 802, Wi-Fi Hotspot, OTG, HSDPA etc.

Camera: The passport of the Blackberry is equipped with 13 megapixel front facing camera that is companied by LED flash for taking images in low light, can detect faces with its built in auto face detection technology. Passport has a 2 megapixel secondary camera for the selfie lovers also. The rear camera has gotten the geo tagging and image stabilization technology also.   

Check Blackberry's Passport specifications here
OS: The Blackberry Passport runs on Blackberry OS 10.3.

Battery: Blackberry Passport is powered by the 3450 mAh huge power source and can provide power up to 16 hours drastic usage.

CPU and GPU: The new passport is backed by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 Processor that is very well in multitasking and in handling of super fast processing which will leave no lag in central processing. Apart from that it gets a GPU of Adreno 330 with Gyro, Proximity and compass sensor in it.

In the first look the Blackberry Passport looks like premium one that is packed with all the modern sensors and features but the size can be a problematic feature of this new offering of the Blackberry. According to the expert it may gives you a feel of small palm computer but can not be handy in feel.  

Moto X 2nd Generation Smartphone launched, Check specifications here

After a long wait, Google owned Motorola Mobility launched their new Moto X 2nd generation Smartphone in India. The Moto X 2nd generation Smartphone introduced just after one month of the Moto G 2nd generation launched. It was quit known that Motorola had taken the project to upgrade all its products by naming 2nd generation, like Moto G 2nd generation, Moto X 2nd generation Smartphone.

Motorola launched their new smartphone Moto X 2nd Generation in India

Lets take a inside tour of the Moto X 2nd generation Smartphone by Motorola.

Display: Firstly the new change appears on the display. It has gotten a bigger display of full HD 5.2 Inch and with a resolution depth of 1080P.

Processor: The later most change came in processor. The new Moto X 2nd generation Smartphone got a 2nd generation processor too. It is powered by the 2.5 GHz Quad core processor.

RAM: When it comes to talk about the RAM of the Motorola’s new Smartphone, it gets a leap as it is equipped with 2 GB RAM.  

Camera: Wanna take selfie?? Then the Moto X 2nd generation can be your best partner as it got a clear 2 megapixel front camera. You can cherish your dream to take the surroundings in your Smartphone by its super supported 13 megapixel rear camera. You can take the pics in low light also, as the rear camera is supported with LED flash.

Connectivity: Thinking about connectivity specification s of the Moto X 2nd generation Smartphone?? Don’t worry buddy, it has all the modern connectivity including Bluetooth Version 4, Otg (On the Go) cable [But you have to purchase it separately], Wi-Fi, intrachip set.

Operating system: As you are with Google’s new Moto X 2nd generation Smartphone, you don’t have to think twice about the operating system. Yes, it got Android 4.4 Kitkat now and will be upgraded to the upcoming Android Lime Meringue Pie soon by the last month of the year.

Battery and power backup: Fearing about battery?? Not to worry friend, for your all day multitasking jobs, the new Moto X 2nd generation Smartphone is packed with powerful 2400 mAh battery.

Price: Browsing for the price of the New Moto X 2nd generation?? It comes with its sticker of Rs. 31,999.

Now you have aware of almost all the specification of the new Moto X 2nd generation Smartphone. You can grab it from Flipkart only in India.

Friday, 12 September 2014

Moto X Pure Edition to release in next month (October 2014)

Moto X Pure Edition coming in next Month

Motorola has announced that their new Smartphone named Moto X Pure Edition will be released in next month.  Moto X Pure Edition may have better software integration, battery life and career unlocked and also boot loader unlocked. Motorola is expecting to release the Moto X Pure Edition in October 2014.

Motorola's new coming Moto X Pure Edition will release in next month October 2014

The new Moto X Pure Edition will be releasing with the software customization that means the Moto X Pure Edition is coming up with a customized Android Software (Operating system). But you don’t have to worry a bit also as because there will not be any career crap, that often comes with operator branded Smartphone. But it will be compatible with the Android 4.4.4 Kitkat version (will get a sure update to the Android Lime Meringue Pie).

Though there is confirmation about the price tag yet by the Motorola Mobility LLC, Moto X Pure may have a tag of 499 USD this time. In US (United States of America), it will be available from the Motorola’s website- only.

It’s not yet revealed whether the new Moto X Pure Edition will be sold across the world or not. If yes the marketing channels are not revealed yet.

Let’s get into the Phone for a while; the Moto X Pure Edition is powered by Snapdragon 801 Snapdragon Processor and has a 5.2 inch stunning full HD display with higher resolution for more vivid screen experience. Moto X Pure Edition is packed with 2GB RAM for superior performance.

If you have got a little bit selfie addiction, then the news is good for you as Moto X Pure Edition will get 2 MP front camera and 13 MP rear camera and that’s are with LED Flash!
With the companionship of 2300 mAh battery, new Moto X Pure is surely a big threat to the other Smartphones in its category and price range. You just have to wait till the release of the Moto X Pure Edition that will happen in next month (October 2014).

Friday, 5 September 2014

Huawei Ascend P7 Limited Edition Released Today

Huawei Technologies Co Ltd divulged on Friday a slate of new gadgets intended to showcase the Chinese organization's equipment innovation; days before Apple Inc unveil its exceptionally foreseen iphone 6 on Sept 9.

Huawei, which started as a telecom supplies organization in 1987, has quickly changed itself as of late into the world's No. 3 cell phone manufacturer behind Samsung Electronics Co Ltd and Apple.

Today it showcases its gadgets as similar to Samsung and Apple items, which are frequently seen by buyers as the innovative front line.
Huawei's Ascend P7 Limited Edition Released Today

Huawei said Friday it would uncover a very limited version of its top of the line Ascend P7 smartphone with a sapphire glass show - the excessive yet strong material that is been the subject of industry jabber after reports not long from now that Apple would start mass creating gadgets with sapphire.

Huawei additionally said at a hardware exchange demonstrate in Berlin that its Ascend Matenew Ascend P7 phone7 "phablet" would turn into the first Android cell phone available with a unique mark sensor, an innovation that was first seen on Apple's iphone 5s, affirmed last September.

In an announcement, the organization's cell phone division boss Richard Yu said the sapphire glass Smartphone exhibited Huawei's "progressed craftsmanship" and its capacity to "convey the most exceptional innovation under the control of buyers". Shenzhen-based Huawei guaranteed 6.9 percent cell phone piece of the overall industry in the second quarter as indicated by expert IDC, behind Samsung's 25.2 percent and 11.9 percent of Apple’s.

New Moto G (Gen-2) features and specifications unveiled

New Gen-2 Moto G unveiled, Features and Review

Riding high on the accomplishment of the Moto G, Motorola today acquainted the successor with its reasonable smartphone. Named the 'second Gen Moto G', the Android smartphone accompanies enhanced specs and at a value, which is Rs 1000 less expensive than its forerunner.

The new Moto G (16 GB) conveys a sticker of Rs 12,999; the first 16gb Moto G, on the other hand, was estimated at Rs 13,999. Dissimilar to the old Moto G, the new model does not arrive in an 8 GB variation (The phone will be solely accessible in India by means of Flipkart beginning from midnight of September 5).

Motorola's new Moto G unveiled

While the first Moto G figured out how to awe us, does the Gen 2 release satisfy the desires set by its distinguished antecedent? For that you will need to hold up for our full review. Here are the introductory impressions deserted by the new Moto G in the little time we encountered it at the New Delhi dispatch occasion.

The new Moto G looks a copy of the old Moto G - less the size. In any case on a nearby look, different progressions are likewise perceptible. Case in point, the speaker from the over (on the old Moto G) has been brought to the front on the new Moto G. The new Moto G has double speakers at the front that create reasonably noisy sound in a normal nature's domain, yet in a loud environment, it may not sound capable. Yet with earphones connected to, the phone produces fantastic sound results.

What is obvious on the new Moto G is the bigger presentation. The new model has a presentation greater than the old model by 0.5 inches yet with the same screen resolution. Motorola's new Moto G has a 5-crawl 720p show that creates great colors and has tasteful review plot. Other than the size, and thus, the marginally lower pixel thickness, there are scarcely any progressions, regarding enumerating and sharpness, for a stripped eye to watch.

Google's New Moto G, Gen-2, revealed

The phone is ergonomically outlined with a bended rubbery-completed back. Its adjusted corners add more to the open to taking care of.

A huge change in the new phone is that it offers expandable capacity. The expansion of a micro SD card opening in the second-gen Moto G shows that Motorola considered the criticism important. The first Moto G was criticized for not offering extra stockpiling. The organization proposes to utilize a micro SD card not more than 32 GB.

The new Moto G accompanies improved Polaroid - both regarding quality and resolution. The megapixel depend on the new Moto G has been upped from 5 megapixel to 8 megapixel for the essential Polaroid, and 1.3 to 2 megapixel for the front Polaroid. I recollect telling individuals in my Moto G review early in the not so distant future that the front Polaroid is alright for feature calling, however not for selfies. In any case Motorola has filled that crevice with the new model.

The back Polaroid additionally catches quality and tasteful pictures, yet not definite. Motorola doesn't give numerous choices to modify the casing. The Polaroid feature incorporates HDR, Panorama, moderate movement feature, and tap to centering. Both the front and back Polaroid are guaranteed to catch 720p features.

The phone has an inner storage room of 16 GB, of which user available is 12.90 GB.

Regarding programming upgrades, Motorola has upgraded its Moto Alert, Assist and Migrate applications with new features. The Moto Assist now has driving and home modes. The phone, in the driving mode, catches that you are driving - focused around the developments, sound of motor and other important elements and carries on in like manner. Thus, then, in the event that you get a message, it stands up boisterous that you have gotten a message and do you need the phone to peruse it resoundingly. You can then pick yes or No. This was what clarified by a few Motorola officials yet we are yet to test its effectiveness.

Moto G-2 unveiled, get it's features and review

Motorola's move application now backings phones other Android phones, including iphones and other old phones. The application gives you a chance to move your stuff from your old phone to your new Motorola phone.

Likewise, the Motorola has included the Intelligent Voice calling feature - which was initially presented on the Moto E - in the new Moto G. It takes in your utilization example to focus the best SIM for a friendly call - which is really focused around your past conduct.

The comapny guarantees the new Moto G, on a solitary charge, can keep going for a day. This is something which just a far reaching test can accept.

Truly like the old Moto G, the new model likewise doesn't accompany a particular charger. i.e., the charger doesn't have a separable USB link to exchange documents.

The new Moto G will be accessible in two colors - highly contrasting, and the phones looks brilliant in both shades.

Different features incorporate FM Radio, Android 4.4 Kitkat, Bluetooth rendition 4.0 LE. Beating under its hood is a 1.2 GHz quad-center processor coupled with 1 GB of RAM.

In a line, the new Moto G accompanies a bigger showcase, upgraded Polaroid, better speakers, micro SD card help for extra stockpiling - all at Rs 1000 short of what the forerunner.