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Thursday, 4 September 2014

Microsoft, Yahoo, Samsung & Amazon eye to buy Android mod Cyanogen

Microsoft, Yahoo and Amazon are eyeing the Cyanogen Inc. It’s not sure yet, that which company’s proposal will be taken by the Cyanogen. Microsoft and Samsung proposed to buy the company in a joint venture. They both will use its resources for their software development.

On the other hand Yahoo is also trying to negotiate with the Cyanogen authority. Whereas World’s Ecommerce giant Amazon is also on the way to submit a buying proposal to Cyanogen very shortly.

Though the bid submitted by Microsoft is the highest till now, Amazon is supposed to come on the battle field with calculated proposal and there is hope that it will cross the Microsoft’s proposed buying bid.

Microsoft bid for buying Cyanogen with Yahoo, Samsung and Amazon

In the event that you are not acquainted with the Android group, a standout amongst the most famous adjustments to install on your gadget of the OS by Cyanogen. The custom software is a long way from a curiosity as the group behind the OS has raised a huge number of dollars and it now dispatches locally on the Oneplus One cell phone.

Seeing that the Android change is getting famous, and that Android itself claims the biggest cut of the piece of the pie, Cyanogen is drawing in consideration from enormous name organizations, for example, Microsoft. As indicated by the Information, they are stating that the group has as of late met with Microsoft's CEO, Satya Nadella.

Despite the fact that the group met with Nadella, we wouldn't bounce to the conclusion, simply yet, that they are intrigued by purchasing the organization. For Microsoft, their fundamental objective is to get their software on to whatever number gadgets as would be prudent and they may be looking to utilize Cyanogen as an approach to begin pushing their administrations deeper into the Android group.

Yes, you can download the greater part of Microsoft's items from the Google Play store however they may be looking to have these apps installed locally on all new organizations of Cyanogen.

The odd thing about Android is that Google, while they do control the app store part of the OS, has lost a bit of control. With sellers not issuing overhauls and organizations like Amazon vigorously modifying their OS, not all Android installs are equivalent. At the same time, their technique has worked amazingly well and they have the most utilized OS for mobile phones within the world. On account of this monstrous foot shaped impression, Microsoft is likely searching for approaches to further develop their impact inside the Android group and that could be through Cyanogen.

Microsoft, as you would expect, has not said anything on the matter and regardless of the fact that they did, the remark would exceedingly non specific. Just time will tell if anything originates from this gathering with Microsoft, however you could be sure that it likely raised more than a couple of eyebrows in the Android world.

In this close buying battle, Cyanogen will be benefited and can fetch more money without any doubt. Microsoft is trying to acquire it for its android division where Amazon eyes it for its new expansion and Samsung is on the way of tough bid battle for its mobile business. Microsoft’s CEO has opened the window to raise the amount for acquiring if it’s required.

World’s top four biggies are in the tight battle and that may be for the first time in the corporate world’s acquiring history. Cyanogen will try to tick the best offer and fetch more money than its market valuation. As the time passing, Microsoft and Amazon are gearing up for the final battle where Samsung and Yahoo are keeping their eyes on this.